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    By Laura Mauelshagen | February 4, 2022

    HOME MAINTENANCE CHECKLIST FOR FEBRUARY 1. ROTATE YOUR MATTRESS Help your spine out and prolong your mattress by rotating or flipping it at least once a year.  Your body and wallet will thank you for it. Should you rotate or flip? This depends on your mattress. Take a look at these tips from 2. DEEP CLEAN... Read More

    What the Heck is a Home Warranty?

    By Laura Mauelshagen | November 17, 2021

    WHAT THE HECK IS A HOME WARRANTY? article written by Lauren Wellbank for A home warranty is a renewable home service plan that protects your home systems and appliances — like HVAC systems and hot water heaters — when breakdowns occur. While homeowners insurance policies often only cover catastrophes, warranties are designed to help pay for... Read More

    Pro-tips for the Terrazzo Tile Trend

    By Admin | March 31, 2021

    Are you thinking about remodeling a kitchen, bath, or your floors but would like to use something more creative than granite, wood, or marble? Well, you might want to consider terrazzo tile as a fresh alternative! This old/new product has been around since the 15th century, but modern designers are latching onto this highly functional,... Read More

    Frozen Tundra In Texas

    By Admin | February 20, 2021

      2021 sure is off to a fun start, huh? I’m willing to bet Texas has never seen a winter storm quite like what many of us experienced over the last week, right? As the snow melts and we begin to thaw out from this historic natural event, one of the (many) important parts of... Read More

    Fireplace Chat

    By Admin | January 10, 2021

    When the weather outside is frightful, a fire can be so delightful. That’s what the song says, anyway. But loads of homeowners tend to agree with the sentiment, so surely they can’t all be wrong. Adding a fireplace to your home can seem like a big undertaking, but there are several options for homeowners looking... Read More

    2021 – Let’s Paint!

    By Admin | December 28, 2020

    Everything has its season, and for paint, winter is that time. Year after year, paint companies release their chosen Color(s) of the Year, which are meant to be reflections on trends that are coming to interior design near you. If you’ve been considering repainting a bedroom or your whole house, knowing what’s in can help... Read More

    Tips and Tricks for Keeping that Winter Chill Outside

    By Admin | December 14, 2020

    Oh, baby, it’s cold outside… and inside, too, if you’re standing close to a drafty window, door, or mysterious source of outside air. Persistent drafts are funny things. They can be massive pains when the wind blows just right, and almost unnoticeable when it’s still, making it both difficult to locate the problem, and hard... Read More

    It’s About A Boat

    By Admin | November 4, 2020

    With all the upheaval in the world right now, maybe you’ve been having dreams of packing up and setting sail for the wide open ocean, leaving all of your troubles behind. Sounds magical, right?   Well, even if the practical side of your brain keeps you mostly on solid ground, there is a way for... Read More

    Halloween Trick or Treat Safety Tips for Your Home

    By Laura Mauelshagen | October 30, 2020

      It’s a spooky time of year for many reasons, but this Halloween holiday can still provide your family and friends with an opportunity to have a fun time. Staying safe is also important, and that includes making sure your home is safe for those little ghosts and ghouls that may visit you this year.... Read More

    Famous Houses in Every State!

    By Laura Mauelshagen | October 16, 2020

    Fame can come in all shapes and sizes, even in the real estate world. If you love houses like we do and you’re looking for a great list of famous things to browse this week, you’ll enjoy this article posted on of The Most Famous Houses in Every State! What’s your favorite? We’d love... Read More