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What is a Bungalow Exactly?

Driving around Denton, you may find yourself noticing a lot of single story homes with cute front porches. Is it a bungalow, you might ask? Most people know a bungalow as simply that: a small one- or one-and-a-half story house with a front porch. But the concepts and intent of a bungalow are much more complex: Its design –and popularity – are rooted in the idea that simplicity and artistry could be combined into an affordable home, which made them wildly popular. To this day, the bungalow remains a very popular type of home. Do you live in a bungalow? Do you like bungalows?


Read this great article by Vera Dorick in to find out all about this long-lasting architectural home design, and if you decided you want to find a bungalow of your own, contact us to help!

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